Did Jim Morris Take Steroids Or Is He Natural?

The Jim Morris current age is 77-year old and he has remained vegan for around 12 years (Black male vegans).

Jim Morris is a former professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer that shows off the defined physique.

In Jim’s competitive bodybuilding career, he always looks for the professional advice for pushing the fitness career forward.

The Era of Jim Morris is 1950, 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990. He is well known for maintaining the physique at the age of 77-years-old.

Most of the bodybuilding fans have this question that does Jim take help from the steroids or is he completely natural?

First of all, Jim may not a lifetime bodybuilder because of various reasons.

I have discussed this statement by giving physical evidence which is mentioned as below:

The time is to look up the evidence and to think deeply.

Aging And Bodybuilding:

There are many other bodybuilders who are the perfect example of steroid users and they are still maintaining their physique for looking younger.

You can see the example of Andreas Cahling at 60 years of age, former bodybuilder Serge Nubretat 66 years of age.

The above bodybuilders stayed on the anabolic steroids for a long period of time. They set an example of having a defined physique.

The training and nutrition are not only enough, there are also steroids and drugs.

Along with steroids, there is another unique habit like Serge Nubret is famous for eating the horse meat and then switched to beef meat.

All of them are definitely using the steroid, the highlight is that it is hard to maintain the physique in the aging.

The level of natural growth hormones or testosterone is beginning to reduce and it becomes typical to achieve the bodybuilding goals.

You may feel the signs of low level of testosterone such as the low sex drive, fatigue, loss of hair, loss of muscle mass, increased in the body fat and decreased bone mass.

All of these signs can reduce by taking anabolic steroids, Human Growth Hormone, and different types of drugs.

If we talk about the Jim Morris so, he definitely takes the steroid for maintaining good shape because as you get older, it becomes hard for you to gaining and maintaining.

He is incredibly fit in the 80’s and keeping his body prepare for the competition.

TransformationAnd Physical Sign Of Steroid Use:

If you look up the gain timeline so, you get some idea whether he is natural, fake bodybuilder, and the half natty.

You can also compare the look of Morris 2 years ago and 10 years ago. You can find the big difference.

If we look at the body of Jim Morris so, you can easily find the symptoms of steroids such as a darker color of the skin and bloated stomach

Jim Morris Statistics:
  • Weight of the body: 215-225lbs (93.0-102.1kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’10’’ (177.5cm)
Body Measurements:
  • Arms: 18, 5’’
  • Chest: 54’’
  • Waist: 34’’
  • Thighs: 24’’
  • Calves: 16’’

The man with height 5’10’’lbs can naturally gain the 170lbs without taking anabolic steroids. Jim is 45lbs higher than a recommended range means that he definitely take help from the steroids.

Anabolic Steroids For The Treatment:

Before starting the vegan diet, Jim suffered from the digestive complications such as constipation.

Even many women use steroids for weight loss and cutting lean body.

I have taken the anti-inflammatory medication in the year 1966 for relieving the joints. I was also taking.

The injection of cortisone into both elbows every week because arthritis awakes me in the night.

Jim Morris Steroids Cycle:

HGH is the Human Growth Hormone and it is important to keep your muscles on the frame. They are taken from an outside.

Same with the case of testosterone, if their level begins to reduce so, you need to take the anabolic steroids or need Testosterone Replacement therapy.


The testosterone is the synthetic substances that resemble to the male sex hormone.

This compound is used for the different purposes such as for the treatment purposes and bulking in the bodybuilding.

It helps individual to build up the bigger muscle mass.

Jim’s Workout:

Jim in his career sets the goals for fitness.

He basically prefers the exercise that focuses on the lean muscle mass in the bodybuilding stage.

Jim workout is basically split.

Jim Morris Diet Plan:

At the beginning of his bodybuilding career, Jim prefers the protein diet from the meat sources.

He has a typical diet to follow. It is famous that the Jim became vegetarian by cutting all of the diets of meat.

The Jim Morris vegan diet has usually contained the fruits, grains, vegetables, beans, and nuts.

Day Exercise Sets
Monday and Friday


Squats or leg press

Thigh extensions

5 or 6 sets

5 or 6 sets

Tuesday and Saturday Dumbbell side laterals

Forward laterals on low pulley

Triceps pushdowns

Straight dumbbell curls

5 sets

5 sets

5 sets

5 sets

 Wednesday Rest day
Sunday and Thursday Squats or leg press

Thigh extension

5 or 6 sets

5 or 6 sets

The Vegan Bodybuilding:

50% of the UK are engaged in the vegan bodybuilding and it is the most important trend in the year 2018.

There are many sports including bodybuilding and athletes are eating the plant-based diet.

There are many bodybuilders like Serge Nubret who are working on their own diet plans.

It sounds wondering that any type of bodybuilding without steroids.

There is raising in the ratio of the vegan diet. The most common age for vegan diet is 20 to 24 but, there is an option to begin with any type of age.

The purpose of vegan bodybuilding is to stay healthy and If they are using vegetables means they are actually putting their health on the risk.

The main factors that contribute to your health are workout training, foods, reduce stress, and quality of sleep.

Jim Vegan Diet:

Eating a vegan diet plays a role to prevent the obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and strokes.

Go vegan for making your body healthy.

There are several slimming tablets that many athletes are trying to get lean before their matches.

According to the Jim Morris: Vegan diet is the way that can help your body to fit.

Through an idea of the vegan diet, it is proved that the presence and the absence of meat do not effect on your health.

The Jim Morris also gives an interview to the Frugivore Magazine this week.


Jim is a source of inspiration for many people. We should learn from the Jim Morris that eating meat is not the only way to attain the great physique.

If you have seen Crazy Bulk reviews for bodybuilding, you will find get some best steroid alternatives.

The Jim Morris himself decided to become a vegetarian in order to achieve the defined physique.

It is proved that the vegan diet makes your muscular and healthy.The self-motivation allow him to work hard and achieve the fitness goals.He just dedicated his entire life to maintain the physique.

Jim had done steroid practice for the treatment of diseases. His body is very well defined because he follows the workout training and vegan diet as well.


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